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Informações Básicas

Seawatch Profiler DF

Self-Contained and Direct-Reading
300 kHz / 600 kHz / 1200 kHz ADCP

With this DF ADCP you do not need to forfeit performance or flexibility. All of the same core signal processing functions available in the single frequency ADCP model are available in the DF model. This includes broadband, narrowband and pulse-to-pulse signal processing as well as the ability to track the bottom and obtain earth-referenced velocity measurements. Both the SeaPROILER DF and SeaWATCH DF ADCPs are well-suited for a variety of coastal and offshore oceanographic applications – including meteorological and wave data acquisition, environmental management, coastal engineering site assessment, and oil/gas exploration and drilling. The systems are easily deployed on buoys, moorings or sea-floor structures. The SeaPROFILER DF and SeaWATCH DF ADCPs are available in 300 kHz, 600 kHz, or 1200 kHz – you select which two frequencies you want.