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Developed by the engineers that designed the first Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, Rowe Technologies presents the SeaSEVEN, Research Grade Doppler Profiler. The first coordinated seven-beam profiler on the market.
• Designed with maximum flexibility for advanced research. With benefits that can’t be achieved by three, four or even five beam systems.
• Advanced features: high ping rate, high resolution, and long range with ultimate controllability. Flexibility and simplicity demanded by today’s fast paced data rich environment.
• High capacity recorders, multi-mission capability, external sensor integration and ultra fast Ethernet download. It offers the research community something they value the most; time and money.
• Low aperture splayed beam array, with modern electronics, it collects, stores and transmits data in a way never before seen in the current profiler market.
• Designed to solve difficult application requirements. It offers high data rate, simple data quality review, ease of use, external sensor integration, and extreme flexibility in deployment.
• No longer is an ADCP “just” a current profiler. With it’s 24-bit high-speed A-D convertor, or its available high capacity 64-gigabyte recorder (128 gigabyte coming soon) you no longer have to decide “what not to record”.
• As it is never known what may be important to scientists in the future, SeaSEVEN is unique in its capability to preserve data for hundreds of years after it is collected.